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Aboriginal language project launched in coffs harbour

An Aboriginal language and cultural project is launching in coffs harbour on the west coast of Victoria.

The project has already drawn interest from a number of foreign developers, including German software giant SAP.

The Coffs Bay Aboriginal Language Project aims to create a safe community and community service environment for the Indigenous community and support the development of language training and skills.

An indigenous person is an Aboriginal person who is Aboriginal. The term also includes someone who has mixed ethnicities but has one or more non-Indigenous parents.

“I think it’s really important that people understand we have a lot to celebrate,” Coen said.

“We actua바카라lly are coming out of the woods and we are going to get very close and have a real community on our terms.”

Coen said the project was a natural fit for Aboriginal elders who were facing the daily challenges of providing for themselves and their communities.

The project’s co-ordinator, Marissa Dutta, said the project would offer a platform for the project’s participants to share knowledge and knowledge of the surrounding community and society.

The project, which is not yet complete, includes two Indigenous language courses, two bilingual immersion courses, an aboriginal language and cultural project and a community service platform.

“It’s going to be a very meaningful and good place for those people that get involved in these activities,” she said.

The project’s first meeting will be on Wednesday, November 5. The second meeting will be held at the Aboriginal Peoples Resource Centre on Frida바카라사이트y, November 8 at 9am.

The Coffs Bay Aboriginal Language Project

Funding for the Coffs Bay Aboriginal Language Project, including materials, space and the project is pro바카라vided by the Aboriginal People’s Resource Centre.